Q: Do the vehicles come with safety gear?
A: All of our vehicles come with everything you will need.  Offroad vehicles include helmets and goggles, while jetskis include life vests for all riders.

Q: Where can we ride?
A: California has a plethora of legal riding locations.  Whether you want sand dunes or desert, we have maps to locations where you can ride. 

Q: Can we ride at your location in Montclair?

A:  No.  All of our vehicles must be trailered to a legal riding area to be used.  We rent trailers, and trucks for your convenience.  We also offer delivery for an additional fee.

Q: What is the cost for delivery?
A: Delivery of our vehicles is priced based on mileage from our Montclair location.  Please call our reservation office to check pricing and availability for delivery.

Q: When is the best time to go?
A: Most people would think summer is the best time to take this trip.  Although summer brings very warm weather, the best time to see marine life (Dolphins & Whales) is February thru May. With a wetsuit and vest, our riders are seldom cold, and the water temperature remains in the upper 60's all thru the spring, so snorkeling is still an option during these months.

Q: Do you charge security deposits?
A: We do not charge security deposits.  Our insurance company will do a credit card authorization for the deductible amount of each vehicle rented.  It is simply a verification that you have the funds available on your card in the event of a collision or any damage to the vehicle.  Deductibles:

SXS - $2000, ATV - $500, Watercraft - $1000.  

Q: Can I take your vehicles to Mexico?
A: No. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover our vehicles in Mexico.