Q: Do the vehicles come with safety gear?
A: All of our vehicles come with everything you will need.  Offroad vehicles include helmets and goggles, while jetskis include life vests for all riders.

Q: Can 2 people ride on 1 jetski?
A: The ski’s we use are 3 seaters, but for safety reasons, and comfort, we limit one rider per ski. For Families and passengers, consider our Coastline Adventures as it does allow passengers on our watercraft.

Q: What is the age requirement for this trip?

A:  Due to the length and conditions that could arise on this trip, the minimum age to take this tour is 18 years old.  For younger riders, we offer a Coastline Adventure that is Family friendly. 

Q: What type of watercraft do we ride?
A: All of our fleet are new Seadoo or Yamaha 3 seater, four stroke watercraft.  They are very stable, quiet and provide a wonderful ride in the ocean environment.

Q: When is the best time to go?
A: Most people would think summer is the best time to take this trip.  Although summer brings very warm weather, the best time to see marine life (Dolphins & Whales) is February thru May. With a wetsuit and vest, our riders are seldom cold, and the water temperature remains in the upper 60's all thru the spring, so snorkeling is still an option during these months.

Q: What is provided for us on the trip?
A: We provide all the equipment you will need: Jetski, Fuel, Wetsuit, Life Vest, Safety equipment, bottles of water.  

Q: What should I bring along on the trip?
A: We recommend you bring sunscreen, water shoes or sandals for walking on the island, water proof camera , extra t-shirt in a zip lock bag, towel, credit card for lunch and gift shop.

Q: What if weather is bad?  Do we still go?
A: We monitor NOAA weather up until the moment we leave, and continue to do so while on the ride.  If your guide is not comfortable with any weather condition, he may cancel or delay the trip, until it is safe for the journey.

Q: Where do we eat?
A: Once we arrive on Catalina Island, there is a very nice hamburger/sandwich shop.  The little market also has lots of snacks, drinks and souvenirs.

Q: I would like to snorkel.  Do you provide the equipment?
A: Each of our skis are equipped with a mask and snorkel.  We do not provide fins.  If you would like to bring fins, please make sure they are the short style as the full size fin will not fit in the storage compartments.  If you would like to bring all of your own equipment, that is fine as well.